Volkswagen Car Insurance: America vs. UK

In America one thing that car insurance companies look at when it comes to any vehicle insurance, not just Volkswagen car insurance, is the safety standards and ratings for the vehicle. The Highway Loss Data Institute is a nonprofit public service company that analyzes the costs associated with each vehicle for the insurance companies and rates them based on that risk.

The HLDI looks at several different criteria such as the theft, injury and collision claims for all cars and makes a recommendation based on the data.

This article will look at the information available as regards to Volkswagen car insurance.

Types of Volkswagens

Currently there are 11 models of Volkswagen on the market in the new car arena although classics cars like the Bug are still around and in need of Volkswagen classic car insurance.

Volkswagen costs to purchase

One of the items that is looked at when it comes to insurance is the cost of the vehicle. You can often estimate your insurance premium just from the amount of the sticker price. Volkswagens are considered to be a medium sticker price vehicle at around $20,000 to $40,000 which makes the Volkswagen car insurance rates also about medium.

Volkswagen Cost to Repair

Cost of repair is a very important part of any insurance quote. The more money that needs to be spent by the insurance companies for minor damages the higher the rates. Volkswagens fall into the medium to low category here for Volkswagen auto insurance rates although some vehicles will be a little more expensive.

Volkswagen safety standards

Under the Volkswagen heading the Highway Loss and Data Institute has a total of 11 models; of which 4 have received the HLDI has chosen as top picks in crash safety test categories. Because these models scored high in crash tests the car insurance rates for them will be lower than some others. If you are looking to purchase a vehicle with a weather eye out for car insurance discounts you really cannot go far wrong with the Volkswagen Golf, Jetta Sport, Passat, Tiguan.

Volkswagen theft reports

Not only are they considered to be small cars but they also have a low theft rate. Another place that VW car insurance carriers are going to look at to determine premium costs. A good rule of thumb here is a 4 door vehicle has a 96% lesser chance of being stolen then a 2 door vehicle does.

The Volkswagen, which in German means "people's car" has had a reputation for being cute every since the Herbie the Love Bug movies came out in the early 1970s. But it seems there may be more to these cars then just cuteness as the opening of a niche Volkswagen car insurance market in the UK may well prove.

When it comes to Volkswagens they have often been considered a luxury car in the UK, especially in the car insurance arena. There is substantially more competition for third party Volkswagen car insurance including comprehensive insurance and Volkswagen fire and theft insurance.

The Golf is in a class all of its own and is very popular due to power and reliability although the most popular Volkswagen auto insurance policy for it seems to be third party theft and fire.

The GTI is the third bestselling vehicle of all time and that fact is well represented by the sales in specialty Volkswagen auto insurance and discount rates for it.

In America Volkswagen car insurance is handled differently than it is in the UK. In America the focus is not so much on the type of car but more on its overall loss statistics. The more a car is damaged or stolen or can be damaged or stolen the higher the cost of the insurance. Volkswagens are considered a medium risk with Buick LeSabre being very low and Maseratti being very high.