Mitsubishi Car Insurance: An Important Financial Factor when Considering a Mitsubishi Purchase

Mitsubishi is a forward-thinking Asian automotive company that merged with other companies and took over financially troubled companies when those types of business moves were in their infancy. Mitsubishi's roots in the automotive industry can be traced back to 1917, when the auto market was just getting its wheels on the road. In those days, car insurance was not mandatory. Companies were selling auto insurance because marine insurance was such a profitable venture. Businesses moved cargo from one country to another and needed protection, so it was natural progression and a wise business move to insure automobiles and owners.

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Mitsubishi's automobile division continued to grow, and by the time Mitsubishi stock began trading publicly in 1988 it was the one of the top 10 car manufacturers in Japan. Mitsubishi is now the 15th largest auto maker in the world and the fifth largest in Japan. Mitsubishi produces an extensive range of models for the world market and almost all of them focus on fuel economy, reliability, quality, and safety.

The most well-known model may be the Outlander, but the Montero, Diamante, Eclipse, Lancer, Endeavor, 3000 GT, Galant, Cordia, Mirage, Expo, Precis, Raider, Sigma, Tredia, Starion, Shogun, L-200, and Sapporo are considered formidable competitors in their respective categories. The insurance rates on most of these models are very affordable as long as they are not loaded with unnecessary extras that drive insurance rates through the roof.

Mitsubishi car insurance coverage includes insurance packages on individual models. Outlander, Shogun, L-200 and Colt and Lancer insurance coverage are now offered by several insurance companies. The popularity of the brand names instigated a more focused approach to insuring Mitsubishi models that are equipped with safety features as well as insurance-saving anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices. Fuel economy is an essential aspect in Mitsubishi’s manufacturing scheme, but it is not a main catalyst in reducing Mitsubishi car insurance rates. The popularity of certain Mitsubishi models puts pressure on insurance companies to reduce rates. Models like the Colt, the Lancer, and the 4 x 4 Shogun offer consumers the opportunity to get decent insurance coverage at discounted prices.

A Few Simple Tips and Reduce Your Mitsubishi Car Insurance

Finding cheap Mitsubishi car insurance online is certainly the rage these days. Most insurance companies put an enormous amount of emphasis on selling auto insurance on the Internet. Insurance companies delegate a hefty amount of money to online advertising in order to stay competitive in a market that is constantly changing. Mitsubishi owners have several options in terms of policy features, but the equipment on Mitsubishi models, the amount of coverage needed, and a decent driving record will still impact insurance rates.

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Consider these tips when shopping for insurance for your Mitsubishi:

  • Stay away from premium features like sports suspension and alloy wheels.
  • Increase your deductible amount. A $1,000 deductible can save 25% to 40% on the collision and comprehensive portion of the policy.
  • Anti-theft and security devices reduce premiums, so they are worth the extra cost. Features like anti-lock brakes and other safety innovations can also reduce insurance premiums.
  • Look for companies that offer senior discounts and "good driving" rates.
  • Reduce the number of miles you drive each year. Using a car for pleasure will cost less to insure, compared to using a car for work or for long trips.
  • Unmarried drivers under the age of 25 cost more to insure, so get quotes from different insurance companies. Several companies offer good student discounts and better rates if young drivers take and pass a driving safety course.
  • Don’t duplicate insurance coverage. Insuring your Mitsubishi for roadside assistance and car rental when it is already covered by an auto club or by Mitsubishi is a common mistake.