Mazda Tribute Insurance - Why Mazda Tribute is an Insurance Bargain

Manufactured by the Ford Motor Company, the Mazda Tribute is similar to the Ford Escape and the Mercury Mariner. Production of the Tribute began in 2001 and it continues to be a popular vehicle. Drivers can choose the smaller 4-cylinder or a more powerful V6. They can also choose between front-wheel and 4-wheel drive cars and a manual or automatic transmission. With the available options and gas mileage of 28 mpg highway, it’s no surprise that so many people choose the Tribute. Here’s what you can expect to pay the insurance company to keep yours covered and protected.

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Tribute is Safer for Driver and Passengers

Insurance companies want to know that the cars will protect occupants, helping to limit the high cost of medical bills. Vehicles with high ratings for safety will enjoy lower premiums. The Tribute is one of the few vehicles that can boast a 5 out of 5 star rating not only on front impact crashes, but also on side impact crashes and even rear crashes.

The Tribute is also nicely fitted with airbags. Front passengers are protected by both dashboard bags and airbags that are fitted into the sides of the seats. Rear passengers enjoy protection from head injuries thanks to a side curtain airbag that extends the full length of the vehicle.

The one Achilles’ heel of the Tribute is the roof strength. It only scored a 3 stars in a division that most other SUV’s earn 4 stars in. However, the Tribute has other features that help to make up for the low rollover rating. It features Dynamic Stability Control, Traction control and Roll Stability Control to help prevent a rollover from occurring.

The Tribute also offers a rearview camera on the Touring and Grand Touring models to help drivers safely back up the vehicle. Anti-lock brakes are standard on these vehicles. These features work in combination to keep occupants safe, so insurance rates for the Tribute are actually below average.

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Low-cost Replacement Parts for Mazda Tribute

Insurance companies also like knowing that the car will be affordable to repair. The Mazda Tribute shares a body style with both the Ford Escape and the Mercury Mariner. The high number of these vehicles on the road means that there is a higher demand for, and supply of, replacement parts. The vehicles are produced domestically and the parts are readily available so repairs to the Tribute won’t necessarily break the bank. This fact also works to keep the cost of insurance comfortably low.

Tasteful Interior, Not Flashy

Bells and whistles are great, but they can often drive up the cost of insurance. The Tribute features some nice touches, such as remote keyless entry and a nice audio system, but it really doesn’t have any extra gadgets. This may be disappointing for techies and people who are into the latest and greatest new gizmos, but it also helps keep insurance costs low.

Choice of Drive Train

Many people love 4-wheel drive, but it’s not always necessary. It’s a great thing to have if you live in a snowy climate or are going off the paved road, but otherwise it’s really not necessary. Front wheel drive cars handle great in the rain and the standard front-wheel drive transmission is less expensive to repair or replace after an accident. It gets better gas mileage, so you’ll spend less at the pump. All in all, expect to pay less for insurance on a front-wheel drive Tribute than on a 4-wheel drive. Before deciding on a drive train, ask yourself if you really need it and if it’s truly worth the extra expenses.

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Mazda Tribute's Affordability

From the moment you look at a Tribute you know that it’s affordable. The sticker price will run between $20,555 and a reasonable $27,315. Fuel economy is 23 or 25 on the highway, depending on whether you choose front wheel drive or 4-wheel drive. While these facts are already great for the budget, the annual cost of insurance makes it even more attractive. The Tribute will only run about $85 a month for a good driver with a clean record to insure it. This is below the average for other SUV’s and even sedans, helping the Tribute to stay comfortably under budget for many people.