Lincoln Town Car Insurance - Average Premiums

The Town Car actually got its start as a trim level on the 1969 Continental. It was so appreciated and enjoyed that Lincoln introduced it as a model unto itself in 1982. Today, a Town Car starts at $47,225 and the price goes up from there. However, it is a luxurious car that is enjoyable to drive and incredibly smooth to ride in. People who are in the market for an upscale sedan will enjoy all that the Town Car has to offer. The sticker price may put the Town Car out of reach for some families, but the insurance is surprisingly affordable.

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Slightly Higher Insurance Premiums

Owners of a Lincoln Town Car can expect to pay a slightly higher insurance premiums when they are sitting in the lap of luxury. The average premium for drivers with clean records is about $115 a month, or $1390 a year. This is above the average insurance rates of about $100 a month and could easily be higher for some drivers. People living in cities traditionally pay more insurance due to the higher traffic levels and those drivers with accidents or tickets will also pay a higher premium. While most people know that these factors can affect rates, they don't always realize that the features a car has can also impact the rates. Here are some of the nice features the Town Car offers and how they impact the insurance rates.

Higher Sticker Price, Quality Materials

One thing the insurance companies look at is the cost of a car should it be totaled in an accident. The Town Car has a high sticker price and they enjoy a solid resale value. The interior of the sedan is constructed using quality materials like wood and leather. Quality materials cost more to replace after an accident, and cars with a higher cost are more of a liability for insurance companies. For these reasons, the insurance companies charge slightly higher premiums.

Five-Star Ratings

Insurance companies get stressed out over medical bills, because they can easily become a massive liability. The insurance companies will reward owners for choosing cars with high safety ratings with lower premiums. The Town Car received a five star crash rating for safety from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Insurance companies look at these ratings when determining premium levels. While other features may drive the insurance cost up, the safety features help to bring the cost back down again.

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Safer Trips

Any trip that is made without incident is a good trip. The Town Car makes it easier to drive safe with standard traction control. The vehicle will automatically shift brake and engine output to help maintain good traction on the road. Anti-lock brakes throughout the car will assist the driver by automatically pumping the brakes so drivers won't skid when the brakes have to be applied hard. The tire pressure monitoring system alerts drivers if pressure in any one tire drops too low with a warning light and an audible tone. The Town Car also features smart airbags for the front seat passengers and a front passenger sensing system. If the passenger doesn't weigh a certain amount, the front airbag will not deploy. These features all work together to prevent accidents and keep the passengers safe should one still happen. The insurance companies take all of this information into account when determining premiums; and these features help keep the auto insurance for the Town Car affordable.

Avoiding Theft for Lincoln Town Car Owners

The Town Car may not be a superhero capable of stopping a bank robber, but it is loaded with features that can stump car thieves. It starts with the SecuriLock Passive Anti-Theft System that prevents the engine from starting unless the coded key designed for the car is used. A standard alarm activates when the key is taken from the ignition and will sound the alert if someone tries to enter the vehicle without the key. A panic button on the key fob can quickly call attention to your car and yourself should there be an emergency. Theft is a problem for insurance companies, because they wind up paying for damage to the car that occurs in the process. The anti-theft features help bring the cost of insurance back down for the Town Car.

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The Town Car has long been known as a luxurious, roomy sedan that bridges the gap between lower quality cars and higher priced brands. Leather, heated seats and a spacious cabin continue to be a few of the hallmarks of the Town Car. A premium sound system keeps is enjoyed by drivers of all ages while the climate control system will keep passengers throughout the vehicle comfortable. While it's true that the Town Car costs a little more to insure than some other cars, most drivers will consider the premium a small price to pay for the comfort and safety.