Jeep Grand Cherokee - Getting the Best Deal on Insurance

The Jeep Grand Cherokee first drove onto the scene in 1983. Since then it has been a favorite of American families across the country. A mid-size SUV (before SUVs were cool!), it features three different trim levels for your choice of luxury. Haul family and the gear you need by choosing the luxury and size of a Grand Cherokee. If you have decided to go with the Jeep name, here is what you can expect when you contact the insurance company.

Average Engine Repair Costs for a Jeep Grand Cherokee

When you’re carrying full comprehensive coverage on your auto, the insurance company has good reason to care about the average repair costs. If they run higher for your particular car, then claims could wind up costing more money in the event of an accident. Even though Jeep is a subsidiary of GM, repairs for Jeep products tend to be higher than for other cars. Because of this, you can expect the insurance for your Jeep to also be a little higher than for some other cars.

Grand Cherokee Average Body Repair Costs

Just as the cost of getting your engine back in order after an accident matters, so does the cost of repairing the body. Your insurance company will be responsible for paying for those body parts, and they will wind up paying more to repair the Jeep Grand Cherokee than they would pay to repair a Dodge Caravan. Expect for this potential cost difference to be passed on to you through higher premiums.

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Want the Cheapest Insurance? Where You Live Matters

It makes sense that rates in cities are higher than rates for people living in the suburbs. What most people don’t realize is that the state you live in can also greatly affect rates, even if you are with a nationwide company. According to AARP the highest rates in the country are in the state of Louisiana, followed closely Michigan. The lowest rates are enjoyed by drivers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Ohio.

Part of the reason rates are so high in Louisiana is because any lawsuit over $50,000 will go before a jury. Because insurance companies don’t want to go to a jury trial, they are more likely to settle. This inclination to settle drives people in the state to file for damages, even when it’s not warranted. Tort-reform advocates in Louisiana are in favor of changing the law, with the goal of reducing insurance premiums for everyone. Opponents argue that changing the law will clog the courts with frivolous "fender-bender" lawsuits.

Safety Features on the Jeep Grand Cherokee

Insurance companies love safety features, and the safer your car is the lower your rates will be. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named the 2011 Cherokee a “Top Safety Pick” and its 5-star performance in government crash ratings backs up that claim.

Trim Levels

The trim level you choose will also affect insurance prices. This is because the higher trim levels usually have more bells and whistles, which translates into more things that can be damaged in an accident. Choosing the base model Laredo will cost about $10 a month less in insurance premiums than opting for the fully loaded, 4-wheel drive Overland Summit.

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Drive Trains

A general rule of thumb is that the more complicated something is, the expensive it is to repair after an accident. This includes the drive train. Typically, any repair work done on a 4-wheel drive vehicle will cost more money. These vehicles can even be more expensive to tow, depending on the accident and whether or not a flatbed will be required. For this reason, expect to pay a little more on the insurance if you choose the 3-wheel drive options.

Average Insurance Premiums for Jeep Grand Cherokee Drivers

A safe driver with more than 6 years experience on the road can expect to pay about $90 a month. Drivers who are lacking in experience can expect their rates to be closer to $240 a month. Expect those numbers to rise or fall slightly depending on the state you are living in.

At the end of the day, the Jeep Grand Cherokee doesn’t cost much more to insure than most other American cars. Expect to pay more for the higher trim levels and 4-wheel drive, but if you live in an area that is prone to ice and snow, that small bump in the premium will probably prove to be money well spent.