Jaguar Insurance - What Drivers Must Know About Jaguar Insurance

Jaguars are one of the most sought after and envied vehicles available today. The Jaguar was first created 75 years ago, by a British car manufacturer and was then sold to the Ford Motor Company in 1989, who later sold Jaguar to Tata Motors in 2008. This trading of hands has expanded its availability across the United State States, as well as the rest of the world.. However, while the Jaguar is a highly coveted vehicle, the price of jaguar insurance is not.

First things first. If you've arrived here looking for pet insurance for your pet jaguar -- the growling, big-kitty kind of jaguar -- then I am sorry to say you're in the wrong place. If you're looking for the growling, luxurious, tight-handling automotive kind of Jaguar, then please read on.

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What to Consider When Purchasing Jaguar Insurance:

Insuring a Jaguar can be fairly expensive. Because the Jaguar is considered a luxury vehicle, and is priced as a luxury vehicle, the cost to insure one of these cars is higher than insuring a lower cost, family oriented vehicle. Additionally, because a Jaguar is so expensive, it is important to consider many different aspects of a car insurance policy, instead of simply choosing the most affordable policy.

If a customer is driving a new or valuable vehicle, he or she needs to carefully consider all aspects of their Jaguar insurance policy. Unless a Jaguar has greatly depreciated in value, it is necessary for drivers to obtain adequate liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. This means that the policy should cover the entire cost of the vehicle. A customer that owns a $80,000 Jaguar, but has a policy that only covers $50,000 in property damage could face huge financial issues if something terrible were to happen to their car.

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It is also important for Jaguar drivers to obtain uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage. This will protect a driver from being responsible for damages and/or medical expenses if they were to get into an accident with someone that did not have adequate insurance. This type of coverage is extremely important for most Jaguar owners, due to the high value of their vehicle.

It is also important for Jaguar owners, especially those driving newer models, to obtain gap insurance. If a driver were to purchase a new Jaguar and then total the vehicle a few months into ownership, his or her insurance company would only cover the market value of their vehicle. However, if a driver purchases gap insurance, their policy will cover what they owe on the vehicle, instead of the vehicle’s actual worth.

The Average Cost of Jaguar Insurance:

The cost of insuring a Jaguar largely depends on the model. The XF, which is considered Jaguar’s entry level model, is the most basic style and most affordable to insure. The XJ is a step up from the XF, which raises the price of insurance. However, the most expensive Jaguars are those from the XK and R Series, which also makes them the most expensive to insure.

The average cost of insuring a 2010 Jaguar XF is $1,837 annually, or a little over $150 a month. This figure is for a single driver who chooses to obtain $100,000 single person injury liability, $300,000 overall injury liability, and $50,000 in property damage, has a deductible of $500, and drives approximately 12 miles, one way, to work. However, the cost of Jaguar insurance for a more expensive model is significantly greater. In fact, according to MSN Money, the Jaguar XKR Portfolio SC is the 19th most expensive vehicle to insure, averaging $2,537.79 a year or around $211.50 monthly.

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How to Get Affordable Jaguar Insurance:

The price of car insurance depends on a vehicle’s value and the type of coverage that is obtained, among many other factors. Jaguar owners that decide to combine their homeowners, auto, and/or life insurance policies, will be eligible to receive lower premiums. The cost of Jaguar insurance also depends on a customer’s credit, driving history, age, marital status, where they store the car, and the average length of their daily commute. For the lowest prices on car insurance, Jaguar owners must be careful to maintain their driving history, credit score, and limit the amount of drivers they insure on the same policy, in order to receive the lowest premiums.