Insurance for Lexus SUVs - Lexus RX, Lexus GX, and Lexus LX

The Lexus brand has a well-known reputation for quality luxury sedans, and in recent years Lexus has cemented their reputation as a maker of luxury SUVs as well. Lexus' SUV models include the five-seater RX, the seven-seater GX or the incredibly luxurious eight-seater LX. Loaded with the amenities you demand, they deliver the luxury and comfort you deserve. If you are considering purchasing a Lexus SUV, you will want to be aware of the average cost of insurance on these cars.

Luxury Lexus SUVs Include Luxury Insurance Rates

When you head to the dealer for a Lexus, you expect to pay a little more for the car. The same can be said of the insurance. A name brand that is known for luxury and quality, Lexus SUVs will cost more to insure. The average insurance cost on an RX is over $1600, more than $400 above the cost of insuring a Toyota Rav4. The mid-range GX rolls in at $1455 annually. The most expensive Lexus SUV, the LX, costs $1800 to insure. This is more than $500 above what you would pay to insure a Chevy Suburban.

Hybrid Versions Carry Higher Insurance Premiums

The Lexus RX for five has mpg ratings of 18/25, a level that is consistent with other SUVs the same size. The RX hybrid offers mpg ratings of 32/28, allowing you to save money at the pump. However, because hybrid repairs require specialized training and equipment, they tend to cost more. The insurance company mitigates their risk by charging higher premiums. You should expect to pay about $300 a year more if you choose this version.

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Full-Time Four-Wheel Drive is a Luxury that Increases the Cost of Insuring Lexus SUVs

The GX and LX both feature full-time four-wheel drive. Not to be confused with all-wheel drive, the system features a 4-low option to create higher levels of torque. This feature is fantastic if you’re towing, as it can provide you with the additional power you need in tight spots. However, it also makes for higher repair bills after an accident. It’s one of the features that make a Lexus SUV so desirable, but it does result in higher insurance premiums.

Added Luxury Means Higher Premiums

The more expensive Lexus models feature higher levels of luxury. The LX features power seating throughout the vehicle, including a third-row that can fold down with the push of a button. These are features that make the car incredibly luxurious and enjoyable to own. Unfortunately, they also drive up the cost of repairs and leave you facing higher insurance premiums. Other aspects that drive up the cost of insuring a Lexus SUV include the standard leather trim, maple wood trim and the options exotic African bubinga trim.

Safety Features on Lexus SUVs Protect You and Keep Insurance Costs Down

While the magnificent luxury of a Lexus will leave you paying higher insurance premiums, the amazing safety features work to bring that cost back down. Lexus SUVs include airbags throughout the vehicle to protect all passengers. This includes side seat mounted airbags in the first two rows and front row knee airbags. Stability control is a standard feature, as well as anti-lock brakes and rain-sensing wipers. Active front headrests minimize the risk of whiplash and the Safety Connect system helps you stay connected without a cell phone.

Lexus has established itself as one of the top names in luxury automobiles. Their SUVs are cleverly designed for utility, luxury and style. While you can expect to pay a little more to protect your new Lexus SUV, you can also expect to enjoy an incredible level of luxury, safety and performance.