Insurance Options for the Mercury Mariner

If you love the design of the Ford Escape but are looking for a little more in the luxury department, the Mercury Mariner is the vehicle for you. However, if you’re looking for a new car be sure to grab a 2011 Mariner if there’s any left. Ford has decided to drop this compact SUV from the lineup. With its spunky drive and comfortable handling, the Mariner is a great choice for a family vehicle with plenty of cargo space. Here is what you should keep in mind where the insurance premiums are concerned.

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Mariner Model Years and Sister Model

The Mariner was introduced in 2005 to meet the demand for small crossover SUV’s. After only 6 production years, Ford is dropping the model in favor of more popular sellers. Used Mariners are readily available, although you can expect the low number of them on the road to affect rates slightly. From 2005 through 2010, sales figures hovered between 29,000 and 34,000 vehicles annually. However, the Mariner has a sister model, the Ford Escape. Mechanically the cars are the same and they share the same body style. Many parts available for the Escape, with sales of nearly 200,000 in 2010 along, are compatible with the Mariner. With replacement parts being readily available, repair costs are kept reasonably low. This helps to keep the cost of insuring a Mariner below average.

Mercury Mariner's Little Luxuries

The Mariner is full of gadgets that most techies will find pleasing. The Sync voice-activated multimedia system can connect with your Bluetooth and a satellite radio keeps things interesting. The navigation system is a lovely addition that most drivers will enjoy. Normally, these extra features would drive up the cost of insurance slightly. But the Mariner enjoys lower than average rates even with the extra luxuries.

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Mariner Gets Five-Star Crash Test Ratings

Crash test ratings from the government are excellent with the car being awarded five stars for frontal accidents as well as for rear and side accidents. There aren’t many cars on the road that can claim such high ratings, and this helps to bring those insurance rates down. Even though the rollover rating only comes in at three stars, the fact that Ford includes stability control and traction control in this vehicle can help offset that one low rating. The insurance companies are particularly interested in how a car fares in accidents. They want to know that repairs are affordable and more importantly they want to know that the driver and passengers are protected. The Mariner delivers on all counts and the insurance company rewards owners for choosing such a safe vehicle.

No More Parking Fender-Benders -- Mercury Mariner Parks Itself

Anything that can help drivers avoid accidents will keep rates down. This even includes minor fender benders that can happen in parking lots. Sensors located in the front and rear of the vehicle allow the car to take over parking at the push of a button. The car will only handle steering; the driver is still in charge of acceleration and watching for traffic. But for people who have to parallel park on a regular basis, this feature can help prevent fender benders. Parking sensors alert drivers to objects behind the car and a rear-view backup camera is even available on the Premier models for those times when you are backing up without actually parallel parking. These features all work together to avoid those little parking mishaps that can cost insurance companies money, allowing you to save on premiums.

Other Mariner Safety Features

Antilock brakes help you stop safely in poor weather while traction control can prevent the vehicle from skidding. Stability control actively works to keep the Mariner in the upright position and the vehicle is fully equipped with airbags. Front seat passengers are protected in both frontal and side collisions while rear seat passengers receive a high level of protection from the standard side-curtain airbag.

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Mercury's MyKey Safety Feature

No family car is complete with MyKey. This electronic feature allows the vehicles owner to set controls based on individual keys. Limit how fast a driver can scoot along as well as how loud the radio can be set. With MyKey, you can still have some control of what’s going on in the car even when you aren’t in it. The insurance companies love this system because it helps keep young drivers safe when they are behind the wheel.

Average insurance rates for the Mariner run just over $1000 annually. This equates to only about $84 a month, which is a very low amount for insurance. When choosing a provider and signing up for coverage, be sure that you select coverage levels that will shield all of your assets should you be involved in a lawsuit.