Insurance Costs for Ford Taurus - How Much is Too Much?

The ultimate family car, the Ford Taurus has withstood the test of time. Originally introduced in 1986, it continues to be one of Ford’s top selling sedans. Its future was sketchy during the 2006 model year as Ford moved forward with plans to discontinue the model. But the company listened to the buying public and the workers when people demanded that the Taurus be revived. The sedan came back strong in 2008 with a sleek new design that was pleasing to buyers. The future of this model remains unclear, however, as sales for it have not topped the 70,000 since 2006. However, for anyone seeking a family sedan with an affordable sticker price, the Taurus remains a top pick.

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Below Average Costs of Insurance

Overall, the cost of insurance for a Ford Taurus is below the average for most sedans and crossovers. Drivers can expect to pay an affordable $91 a month for their Taurus. This amount can change based on the state you live in, how far you drive and a host of other factors. People with poor driving records can expect to pay substantially more, and you can also expect to pay a little more if your credit has a few dings in it. While these factors can be controlled to some extent by you, there are many other factors that are beyond your control. Here are a few of the items that the insurance companies take into account when determining premiums on the Taurus.

Bells and Whistles

The Taurus has most of the bells and whistles that buyers want. The Intelligent Access with push button start eliminates fumbling for keys and the built-in navigation system is always ready for use. The SecuriCode system is a keyless entry keypad, so you won’t have to mess with keys to open the door. The exterior keypad is touched to illuminate and then you just have to enter the security code to get into the car. If you have the Intelligent Access key with you, all you have to do is tap the keypad once and the car will unlock automatically. While these features are awesome to have and appreciated by most owners, they also drive up the cost of repairs slightly. The insurance rates are not quite as low as they could be, but most drivers will happily pay the minimal difference to have these amenities.

Safety Features that Count

While insurance companies are concerned about the cost of repairing a car after an accident, they are more concerned about the high cots of medical bills if someone is hurt in an accident. The more features a car has to help keep people safe in a collision, the lower the rates will be. MyKey is ideal for controlling how fast your teenager can drive the car, and how loud they can play the music. Ford Sync allows drivers to enjoy hands-free phone calls while they are driving, which is another feature the insurance companies smile about. The Taurus is also loaded with airbags, including front-side seat airbags and side head-curtain airbags.

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Accident Prevention

What insurers love more than anything is a car that can help avoid accidents completely. Every driver gets careless sometimes, so if the car has features that can help step in when the driver zones out a little, there will be a reduction in insurance rates. The Taurus has several of these key features. An optional rear view camera helps drivers determine exactly how much distance they have when backing up and can help them avoid hitting shopping carts, bikes and people. Adaptive cruise control and collision warning is a system that will actually slow the car down if it senses the car is too close to traffic in front of them. The system starts with a “heads-up” display on the windshield and will actually prepare the car for braking. Once the traffic has cleared, the car will resume normal speed. A blind-spot warning system helps prevent drivers from changing lanes when a car is in the blind spot.

Fantastic Ratings

The 2011 Taurus is a “Top Safety Pick” by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It received high marks for collisions from the side, front and rear. Standard anti-lock brakes were appreciated, as well as stability and traction control. Overall the Ford Taurus earned 9.7 out of 10.0 by U.S. News for its safety features and ratings. More than anything, its ability to protect passengers in an accident helps keep insurance rates for the Taurus low.

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