Insurance Comparison for the Jeep Liberty

Starting below $24,000, the Jeep Liberty is a true sports utility vehicle. This mid-size SUV is not just built with the look of an off-road truck, it’s got the suspension and the drive train needed to pull it off. There’s no backwoods bluffing with the Liberty, if you are looking for a vehicle that can take you to remote destinations the Jeep Liberty is the vehicle for you. It doesn’t win any awards for luxuriousness in the city, but if your path takes you away from civilization that’s not your top concern anyway. Here’s some information to keep in mind when shopping for insurance.

Jeep Liberty's Advanced 4x4 Drive System

Four wheel drive is great when the roads are slick and it’s a necessity when your travels take you off the beaten path. While many Jeep owners are looking specifically for 4 wheel drive, this is also a feature that impacts the cost of insurance. Advanced drive systems such as these are expensive to repair after an accident. The insurance company will charge a slightly higher premium to allow for making those repairs.

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Computer Systems Could Mean Expensive Repairs

Cars are increasingly computerized now, and Jeeps are no different. The Advanced 4WD system works with the Selec-Trac II system that constantly monitors how well the Liberty is gripping the road. This system can instantly send the torque to the axle that needs it most, allowing drivers to enjoy an incredible level of stability regardless of the weather. This system may allow you to safely take your Liberty off into the truly wild wilderness, but keep in mind that it will probably also result in higher insurance premiums.

Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control

There’s not much point in having an off-road vehicle if you can’t actually take it off the road. The Jeep Liberty isn’t just a Sports Utility Vehicle in name; Jeep means business when they build a vehicle that can handle rugged terrain. The Jeep Liberty is equipped with a suspension system that can actually handle steep climbs. While this is necessary for heading into the hills, it’s also another feature that drives up the repair cost should you be hit by another car.

Off-Road Use: A No-no for Cheap Insurance

The Jeep Liberty is designed and built to be taken off-road. Unlike some of the competitors that are meant more for suburban use, the Liberty yearns to be taken off the paved road and urges drivers on to tackle those steeper inclines. Should misery befall your Jeep while it’s off-road, the insurance company will cover the damages. This includes falling tree limbs from storms and undercarriage damage that may occur while on rocky terrain. While it’s true that you will be paying a deductible for any of those claims, the insurance companies are still nervous about the potential for damage when a car is regularly taken into the great beyond. Expect to pay a little more for the insurance to keep your Jeep protected when you are exploring what your urban counterparts never get to see.

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Jeep Liberty Safety Features

The Liberty offers a mixed bag when it comes to safety. It receives high marks for front and rear crashes, but it is also has low scores where the potential for rollover is concerned. Its ability to withstand side impact crashes also leaves something to be desired. You may be able to ask for a discount due to the anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control systems, but overall the Jeep is not going to get any insurance breaks over its safety ratings.

Cost of Repairs a Bit Higher by Comparison

The cost of repairs to a Liberty tends to be higher than they are for other cars. This may be in part because Jeep vehicles do not have “sister-models” with other brands names. Unlike a Pontiac Montana minivan that could accept replacement parts from the Oldsmobile Silhouette van, every Jeep is a model unto itself. Supply for replacement parts tends to be a little lower and the overall repair cost tends to be higher.

Interior: Keep it Simple for Cheaper Insurance

The interior of the Jeep Liberty is basic and utilitarian. This vehicle is not loaded with electronic gadgets and high-end wood trim. It’s made to be used and then cleaned easily. This is one feature on the Jeep that will effectively help bring the insurance cost back down. Unlike luxury SUV’s that can leave insurance companies facing high-repair bills for the interior as well as the exterior, the more basic interior of a Jeep Liberty can be quite inexpensive to take care of after an accident.

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Jeep Liberty Average Insurance Rates

The average cost of insurance for a Jeep Liberty is only a few dollars higher than average rates for people driving sedans and minivans. Owners can expect to pay about $120 a month to keep their Jeep protected from accidents, bears, car thieves, falling tree limbs and stray rocks. Of course this price will change depending on your personal driving record, how many miles the Jeep is driven annually and where you live. Talk to your insurance agent to be sure you are receiving every discount you qualify for.