How Much is Insurance for a Ford Flex?

Attractively priced, the Ford Flex features all the great benefits of an SUV with the gas mileage of a full-size sedan. At 24 miles to the gallon on the highway, the Flex makes driving a larger vehicle affordable again. Here are the features you will find on the Flex, and how those features affect the cost of insurance for this vehicle. Overall, the Ford Flex has insurance rates that are at or below national average. Most people with clean records can expect to pay about $100 a month to insure the Flex.

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Ford's Safety Features Keep Ford Flex Insurance Costs Low

A car can only cost an insurance company so much money after an accident. After all, the insurance company will only pay up to the book value of the car if it should be totaled in an accident. Medical bills, however, can quickly rack up and cost the insurance company substantial amounts of money. For this reason, most companies take a vehicles safety features into accounts when determining premiums. Ford Motor Company has taken safety to next level in most of its vehicles, including the Flex. Here are the great safety options that will help protect you in an accident.

  • AdvanceTrac with RSC - SUV's have a higher center of gravity and are more likely to roll over in an accident. That's why Ford is outfitting its vehicles with rollover technology that can automatically adjust brake pressure and even engine power to help the car stay upright and under control.
  • Trailer Sway Control - Anyone who's towed a trailer and started going too fast knows how frightening it can be when that extra unit starts to whip around on the road. Getting it under control fast is vital, and the time in-between can leave your heart pounding. The Flex is built Ford tough, it's made to tow and it even includes special Sway Control to make towing easier. It's available on all models in the Class III trailer tow package.
  • Airbags - Most cars have standard dash mounted airbags now. Flex adds protection with front seat-mounted side impact airbags and full side curtain airbags that protect all the passengers in the vehicle. If the vehicle should roll over for any reason, the side-curtain airbags will automatically deploy.
  • Tire Pressure Monitor System - Tires that are low will affect driving performance and can lead to accidents. Drivers don't always check every tire before every car ride, but the Flex will do it for them. A warning light will appear if the tires fall below the proper pressure level.
  • MyKey - Parents with teenage drivers often worry that their children will drive too fast or have the radio too loud. You can't always be there when your kids are behind the wheel, but with MyKey you can rest assured that your wishes regarding speed and radio volume will be honored. Each driver will have his or her own key and the owner can set limitations for each driver. Your daughter can be limited to 70 mph and the radio volume can be limited to a certain level as well.
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    Insurance Discounts for Newer Vehicles

    The Ford Flex is a relatively new model to the Ford lineup. It debuted at car shows in 2007 but didn't start rolling off assembly lines until 2008. Because it's a newer model, there is not a large supply of replacement parts. The Flex is also manufactured at Ford's plant in Ontario, so replacement parts will be a little more expensive than they are for domestically produced vehicles. Expect to pay a little more for repairs, and expect the insurance company to pass some of that potential cost on to you.

    Location and Insurance Fraud

    Where you live can make a difference in the insurance premiums you pay. Typically, people who live in large cities will pay higher premiums because of the increased levels of traffic. Even the state you live in can affect premiums. New York has some of the highest rates while states like Ohio enjoy some of the lowest rates. One problem that affects rates in different states is the level of fraudulent claims. You can help fight this problem and bring rates in your state down by supporting legislation that would create more severe penalties for people who are guilty of insurance fraud.

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