How Much Is Dodge Durango Insurance?

Dodge Durango insurance quotes on a new $29,000+ Durango from Allstate, Geico, Progressive and others are usually within a three or four hundred dollars of each other. Most insurance companies usually offer six month coverage cycles, and require owners to carry enough liability insurance and uninsured motorist insurance to meet current insurance market trends.

Additional coverage and deductible amounts vary based on owner choices and the ability to pay, but the typical amount that a married 45-year-old male who owns a home, has good credit, no accidents in the last five years, and who is the primary driver with no secondary driver should expect to pay around $1800 every six months for good coverage on a Dodge Durango. But when coverage is increased or there are issues with safety or the driver's driving record, that figure can double.

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Dodge Has Been A Thorn In Ford’s Side For Over One Hundred Years

Most car buyers don’t know the story of John and Horace Dodge, but it's an interesting example of how bickering can create a formidable competitor.

The Dodge brothers actually supplied all the mechanical parts for Ford back in the early 1900s. Henry Ford was so appreciative that he gave the Dodge boys ten percent of Ford’s stock. That relationship continued for twelve years and by most accounts the relationship between Henry and the brothers was tumultuous.

The Dodge brothers broke away from Ford in 1914 and formed their own car company. The Dodge Brothers used the word dependable to describe their cars, and they were credited with producing the first mass-produced touring car that was made of all steel. Dodge sold a record 45,000 cars in 1915, and by 1920 the Dodge Brothers had the second best selling car in America.

In 1921 the company introduced Graham Brothers medium duty trucks to their dealerships. In a matter of no time, truck sales were almost as good as car sales, so Dodge bought the Graham Brothers Company.

The Mighty Durango Was Born From A Truck In 1998

The Dodge Durango, introduced in 1998, is a distant mechanical cousin to those first Graham trucks. The Durango’s sole purpose was to put a stop to the exploding sales of the Ford Explorer. Dodge still saw red when it came to Ford’s success, and usually used price to enter a new market. The 4WD Durango was built like a truck, but it looked like a SUV and drank gas like a sailor drinks beer.

The 1998 Durango got 13 mpg city and 17 mpg, but most owners said those figures were inflated by two or three miles per gallon. Insuring a Dodge Durango will full coverage meaning liability insurance of $250,000 each person and $500,000 each occurrence, plus property damage of $100,000 each occurrence with medical payments of $5,000, uninsured motorist coverage of $250,000/$500,000, and a $250 deductible, could put a dent in any family budget, especially if there were past traffic violations or accidents on the driving record.

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Insurance in those days averaged around $200 per month for that type of coverage, but location, employment, marital status, and few other factors could lower or increase the monthly payment. Those early Durango owners initially paid less for the vehicle, but the Durango insurance costs, repairs, and the gas expense made them a budget nightmare even though most owners fell in love with the style features, the third row seat, and the all leather interiors.

The Durango Has Gone Through Metal Liposuction

New Dodge Durango models still compete with the Ford Explorer and other SUVs. Gas prices as well as insurance costs have forced car manufacturers to produce smaller and sleeker body styles as well as more efficient engines so the current Dodge Durango Insurance premiums vary depending on engine size, 4 or2 WD drive options, as well as driver age, zip code, bill-paying habits, employment, home ownership, and driving record.