Honda CR-V - Cheaper Insurance for a Safe, Family-Friendly SUV

Honda is known for its manufacturing of safe, reliable cars. This alone is one reason why the average annual insurance premium for the Honda CR-V is one of the lowest in the nation at around $1000. In comparison, the insurance premium for a GMC Terrain and the Chevrolet Equinox is much higher annually. The safety features, and the insurance discounts that these features enable, is what sets the Honda CR-V apart from other crossover SUVs.

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Sporty Styling Without Expensive Insurance

The Honda CR-V's five star crash test rating is important when you’re thinking about purchasing a vehicle. However, style is the first thing you notice as you begin a search for a brand new automobile. Price, safety, and insurance costs directly follow. You get all of that in a Honda CR-V, with the added bonus of being family friendly. The Honda CR-V Is a sleek and sporty compact crossover SUV that comes standard with safety features that every family looks for in an automobile. Not only are these features important for the most obvious reasons, but they will also help keep insurance premiums low.

The Honda CR-V is priced from $21,000 to $30,000. In addition to the young family who’s looking for a reliable automobile, this price range makes it affordable for the young college student. Not only does the price of the Honda CR-V and the insurance premium make it a huge contender, but the great fuel economy adds to the possibility of owning it. You get 22-28 miles per gallon and are able to drive an estimated 300 miles per tank of gas. A base model 2011 Honda CR-V has a 4 cylinder, 2.4 Liter engine with a five speed automatic engine. It has an average annual fuel cost of $2200 to operate, based on $3.70 per gallon pricing.

Honda CR-V's Safety Rating Keeps Your Insurance Premium Low

The Honda CR-V’s fuel cost is important in this economy. Then you get to the insurance aspect of owning the vehicle. Not only can you get the normal insurance discounts that you may get from most insurance companies for being a safe driver, a college student, or by having multiple policies, but the Honda CR-V’s safety features will give you even deeper discounts. Features like side curtain airbags with roll-over sensors, dual-stage, multiple-threshold airbags, Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control (VSACT), and Honda’s own Advance Compatible Engineering Body Structure are all in addition to what comes standard on all other vehicles, like anti-lock brakes and three-point seatbelts in all seats.

In the end, the mother of three children who are on their way to a soccer game, or the car full of college students on their way to a football game can feel confident knowing that they are riding in a car that’s safe, inexpensive to insure and has the added bonus of being a stylish automobile.

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