Honda Accord Insurance

The Honda Accord is consistently one of the best selling cars on the road. They have a low cost of ownership, due to the fact that they are reliable, long-lasting and easy to repair. Honda Accord insurance is also quite reasonably priced, which adds to the overall low cost of ownership.

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Full-Featured, Not Overpowered

Cars that are built with features designed for speed and power are among the most expensive to insure. Although the Honda Accord is available with either a peppy four or six cylinder engine, the car is not purposely high powered or "souped up." In the eyes of insurance companies, this is a good thing. Excessively fast or powerful vehicles can be a temptation to drivers, which can lead to accidents and injuries. The Accord is viewed as a car with enough power to be effective, but not enough power to be dangerous. It's also a mid-sized car, which is considered to be safer as compared to compact models. As a result, Honda Accord insurance is priced proportionally lower than many other vehicles.

Inexpensive Repairs Equal Inexpensive Honda Accord Insurance Costs

The high cost of replacement parts and the labor involved to repair a vehicle are two other factors which can affect overall car insurance prices. Some vehicles are extremely difficult to work on, or require expensive parts which must be specially ordered just to make a simple repair. These factors can negatively affect the ability to find affordable car insurance for some vehicles. Replacement parts for the Honda Accord are easy to find and reasonably priced, especially for recent models. However, because Hondas are renowned for their longevity, it's usually easy to find parts even for older models. Because they are so popular, mechanics are very familiar with these vehicles, which can also speed up repair work and lower costs. All of these factors can contribute to lower Honda Accord insurance prices.

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Safety Counts

A vehicle's overall safety rating also contributes to the cost of buying insurance. If you want cheap insurance, you should always choose a vehicle which has a high safety rating. Safe vehicles equate to fewer injuries, which in turn means fewer insurance claims. Because the Honda Accord is rated high for safety, you'll naturally pay lower Honda Accord insurance prices.

Other Factors Affecting Honda Accord Insurance Rates

The overall cost of insurance is usually directly related to the cost of vehicle. After all, it costs more to replace an expensive vehicle than one which is more reasonably priced. Although the Honda Accord is not a cheap vehicle, it is certainly more reasonably priced than most luxury vehicles. This lower sticker price also helps to lower the cost of insurance. If you are trying to save on cheap insurance, choose a basic Honda Accord model instead of one with a lot of added features. However, because the Honda Accord is such a desirable vehicle, it is also one that is frequently stolen. If you live in an area that is known for vehicle theft, this factor could negatively influence your Honda Accord insurance costs. Still, when you take the time to compare insurance costs, you will find that Honda Accord insurance costs are quite reasonable.