Funny Insurance Commercials - Video Clips from the Funniest Insurance Commercials

Insurance companies are producing the most uproarious ads on television. This is largely due to the success of the Geico’s gecko and cavemen campaigns. Their success forced competitors to step up to the plate. Several insurance companies rose to the challenge, hitting home runs with high dollar commercials of their own.

GEICO: The Funny Commercial Team to Beat

In this original Geico Gecko commercial, which first aired in 1999, the gecko stands on top of a podium, publicly voicing his frustration with people mistaking him for the insurance giant and demanding that they stop calling him. The ad was a bit rough, but still successful enough to run with. Over the years, the gecko has evolved in detail and has had a change of accent. Eleven years later, the Geico Gecko is still picking up speed, keeping viewers anxiously awaiting each reptilian installment.

In a more recent gecko ad, the scaly mascot enjoys lunch with his boss. He then receives an email on his cellular phone, which is twice as big as he is. The boss looks curiously and asks the lizard how he manages to carry it. The answer is interrupted by the waitress bringing the check. “I’ve got it Sir,” the gecko says, digging through an enormous wallet that appeared from thin air.

In this clip, a philosophical Gecko compares free insurance quotes online to free pie and chips:

The gecko was not Geico’s only clever idea; in 2004, the famous cavemen ads were launched. As intelligent, productive members of society, they are both shocked and appalled with Geico’s new website slogan, “so easy a caveman could do it.” The ads were a hit, and even inspired a spin-off ABC series. The show failed and was quietly cancelled, but the expansion attempt accurately represents the success of the concept.

The Competition Launches Their Own Funny Commercials

In an attempt to break Geico’s advertising stronghold, Allstate released its mayhem campaign. Played by Dean Winters, who appears in the television series Oz, mayhem takes many different forms of potential disasters. Taking on the shape of shaking tree branches, a voluptuous and distracting woman in the midst of her morning jog and a terrible cup of coffee, mayhem is lurking around every corner. In one of these ads, mayhem takes a small stab at Geico by undermining its “fifteen minutes could save you” slogan.

People may not know why, but they know they love Flo. The zany, delightful and perky Progressive spokeswoman helps people save big by personalizing their policies, often under awkward or bizarre circumstances. In one of the most popular of these ads, Flo assists an old timer who doesn’t want a bunch of “flippidy flop or gobble de gook.” Even with all the mumbo jumbo, Flo helps him get all the “dagnabit” coverage he needs.

Another great ad from the Flo campaign features a fabled literary sailor by the name of Captain Ahab. Some may remember the good captain from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. The captain is upset when he enters the office, claiming that “a ferocious white whale” destroyed his boat. Flo helps him by pointing out the fact that the seasoned sailor had not filed a claim in four years.

Nationwide’s campaign definitely had its moments. The ad’s slogan, “life comes at you fast,” illustrates an array of devastating and unusual happenings. In one of these ads, a child in a bank with his mother makes use of the bank’s delivery system, battering a man’s car with various items. In another, the smallest of events quickly develops into a catastrophic and unbelievable incident.

State Farm also made an effort to compete with Geico. The ads entail customers conjuring up their insurance agents with a magic jingle as though they were genies. The agent fixes their problems instantaneously and always throws in a little extra. One of these genies fixes a young woman’s car and then allows her to custom build a boyfriend. Most fans agree that these ads were okay, but may have lacked the flare needed to match the competition.

Funny Insurance Commercials: The War is Not Over

Insurance companies are spending a fortune on these advertisements, and every insurer is struggling to stay in the lead. A vicious advertising war has been waged, and the cost to the companies has been great. Geico alone paid 497 million dollars in 2006, which was more than double Allstate’s $234 million and more than triple the $152 million spent by State Farm. With these companies continuing to expand their advertising budgets, there is no obvious end in sight.

Author: Jeremy D. Nicholson