Ford Ranger Insurance Rates - What to Expect

Moving into American driveways in 1983, the Ford Ranger has been a staple of the Ford lineup for more than 28 years. Slated to be discontinued after the 2011 model year, Rangers will continue to be spied on the roadways for many years to come thanks to their solid construction and fine craftsmanship. If you are in the market for a mid-size truck, here is what you can expect with the Ranger and its insurance rates.

Steady Design

The Ranger has not faced many design changes over the years. The steady styling and limited body-style changes have created a vehicle with parts that are easy to find and affordable to purchase. The excellent availability of replacement parts makes the Ranger relatively inexpensive to repair. You can expect the insurance to pass some of this cost-savings on to you through lower premiums.

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Extremely Affordable

Starting below $18,200, the Ranger is an extremely affordable work truck featuring best-in-class fuel economy. Rangers are built to be affordable, working trucks.

Anti-Roll Technology
Any vehicle with a higher center of gravity is at a higher risk for rolling over in an accident. The Rangers now feature the same AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control technology that is featured on the more expensive Ford SUV’s. This technology not only helps you keep the car level and secure on the road, it also helps keep insurance premiums affordable.

Ford Ranger's Safety Features

Insurance companies love any feature that helps keep drivers safe. The Ranger has several safety features your insurance company will appreciate.
• Side seat airbags protect front drivers from side-impact collisions.
• The 4-wheel anti-lock braking system is standard on all Ford Rangers so you can stop quickly, and in a straight, true line.
• Tire pressure monitoring system is designed to alert drivers when any one tire needs to be checked.

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Ford Ranger Safety Ratings - Good, Not Great

While the Ranger provides important safety protections, Ford has not been as aggressive with safety features on they could be. Older Rangers do not have the anti-roll technology and even the newer Rangers are lacking in the area of airbags. Ranger does not offer side curtain airbags to protect rear passengers and government ratings for safety are slightly disappointing. The Ranger historically only scores 3 stars for rollover ratings and receives only “acceptable” ratings for frontal offset tests. Side impact tests fared only a “good” and the Institute for Highway Safety reports that the inward-racing rear jump seats on the SuperCab are not considered safe for passengers. Insurance companies are greatly concerned about the potential costs related to injuries after an accident. Expect premiums to be a little higher due to the safety features that leave something to be desired.

Four-Wheel Drive and Insurance

The Ranger is available in both two-wheel and four-wheel drive options. Four wheel drive transmissions are expensive to repair after an accident. Choosing a two-wheel drive vehicle can save you a few dollars on the insurance premiums. Opting for the greater versatility of the four-wheel drive vehicle may pay off in bad driving conditions or if you like heading off-road.

Overall, the Ranger is an Inexpensive Vehicle

As a general rule, insurance companies charge less to insure cars that cost less money. The Ranger is a truly inexpensive vehicle that, for most drivers, should cost slightly less than $100 a month to insure. It also features gas mileage of about 20 mpg highway, making it an even more affordable option.

All in all, the Ranger is built to last and is a solid vehicle that can deliver working men and women with years of service. The 2011 V6 is capable of towing an impressive 5,800 pounds. The Ranger features a low price tag and low cost of ownership with insurance premiums that are below the national average. To save a little more on the insurance consider raising your deductible and talk to your agent about defensive driving classes you take in order to receive discounts.

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