Ford Fiesta Insurance Quotes - What Affects Ford Fiesta Insurance Prices

The Fiesta is one of the Ford Motor Company's most successful line of cars. Over ten million of this mid-class compact have sold since the line was first introduced in 1976. People like its competitive price and the fact that buying Ford Fiesta insurance won't break their budget.

The car has been through seven revisions since it was first introduced. The latest is the Mark VII which went on the market in 2007. The 2011 Ford Fiesta line comes in five styles from the low-end S Sedan which has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $13,320, up to the SES S Hatch which sells for $17,120.

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The 2011 SES Hatch model was named a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It received this award by passing the Institute's new roof strength test. No other mini-car has passed this test since it was introduced in the summer of 2010.

This is definitely not a muscle car as far as speed or acceleration but it has plenty of muscle when it comes to safety. More than fifty five percent of the body is made of cold-and-hot-formed, high-strength steel which makes it more rigid and lighter at the same time. These steels are deployed around the vehicle in a safety ring surrounding the occupants.

It has other features as well that emphasize safety and keep Ford Fiesta insurance affordably priced. For example, it has more airbags than any other small-sized car. In addition to front seat airbags, these crash safety devices are also located in the sides. There is even a driver's knee airbag to avoid lower leg injuries that are common in small-car crashes. The car has sensors that can tell a passenger's weight and whether or not he is wearing his seat belt. It then uses this information to decide how much force it will use in the airbags in case of a crash.

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The Fiesta is also specially structured to absorb the energy of a crash, directing those shock waves away from the passengers. But perhaps its most important safety feature is the electronic stability control that helps the driver avoid a wreck in the first place.

A common question on insurance forms asks about the anti-theft system on a vehicle. The Ford Fiesta SES has power door-locks and the famous Ford passive anti-theft system, (called Securi-lock) which prevents the engine from starting unless the (hopefully) owner-possessed key is in the ignition. Other anti-theft devices such as locking wheel nuts can be bought separately.

The Securi-lock system can be disabled by someone who knows what they are doing but the Ford Fiesta is not a highly desirable car for professional thieves because of its low initial retail price. The security system in place, if properly used should be enough to prevent theft by joy riders and casual thieves.

Of course, Ford Fiesta insurance quotes will be based on not just the car, but the driver. The car is designed for safety and gas economy. It gets twenty-nine miles in town and forty on the highway. While it does have some luxury features such as a Sirius Satellite Radio, it is meant to be a family car attractive to drivers who are more interested in the practical aspects of driving. This type of driver usually qualifies for lower insurance rates.

Insurance companies will ask about the driver's safety record as well as the number of miles he will drive daily in the car, and whether or not he has had any wrecks, tickets or traffic fines. Another common question is about the size of the deductible the driver wants. This has a profound impact on the price of the insurance. Does the customer want collision insurance or just the liability insurance required by most states to cover damages done to other driver's and their cars?

Online quotes for Ford Fiesta insurance start as low as nineteen dollars a month but actual rates will vary widely according to the answers a driver gives to the questions above. All in all, though, insurance rates as well as everything else in this practical little car, will be priced to please the economy-minded driver.