Dodge Charger Insurance - Insuring the Muscle Car of the 21st Century

Some car aficionados consider the Dodge Charger the muscle car to buy for the 21st century. If the past has anything to do with the present and future when it comes to picking a ride that has Herculean muscle, then the Dodge Charger reigns supreme. Back in the 1970s the Charger was at the top of the muscle car charts although the GTO, Mustang, Camaro, and the Corvette gave it some strong competition.

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The beauty of the old Charger was its sculptured body and the screaming engine, which made even the non-believers sit up and take notice. The Charger became the Dodge to buy in those days, especially if muscle was more important than fuel economy. Off course back in those days gas was less than a dollar a gallon so filling the tank every two or three days didn’t put a dent in anyone’s budget.

If the past has any credence in the auto industry, then the new Dodge Charger’s are the must-have muscle cars even those these new models have almost nothing in common with their grandfathers except for a few well placed body lines that give them a birthmark of distinction.

Back in those days car buffs could buy two Chargers for the price of one today. Even at a cool $38,000 plus for some models, and a gas sucking tendency that borders on insanity Charger sales are still booming. Most Charger lovers consider its beauty more than its frugalness. They don't care about monthly insurance payments that could top $400 a month even with the latest safety features since this muscular beauty is the darling of car thieves everywhere. It’s not the economic gloom and doom that attracts thousands of car lovers to the Charger; it’s the thrill of driving an icon that has few peers.

Insurance For The Dodge Charger

Everyone knows that car insurance is a very competitive commodity. TV watchers can attest to that fact. From geckos to cavemen; from sob story to redemption, the car insurance marketing industry has outdone itself in terms of offering the sizzle without the steak when it comes to coverage and exceptions.

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Affordable Charger insurance is based on several factors, and at the top of that list is a good driving record. Next, is a low collision and comprehension deductible, which is the amount of money Dodge Charger owners have to come up with in order for the insurance company to pay the claim. The lower the deductible the higher the insurance premium so most Charger owners opt for a $500 deductible to keep their monthly premiums down.

Even when the deductible is $500, Dodge Charger owners can expect to pay around $1450 to $2100 a year if they have a good driving record and $3900 to $9500 a year if there’s a history of accidents, speeding tickets, and other traffic violations. There are some things that Charger owners can do to lower their insurance premium even if their driving record is tainted with past transgressions.

Do A Little Research And Lower Insurance Premiums

Living in the country where there are fewer cars on the road does help lower insurance premiums, but multiple drivers on the same policy could cancel that savings, especially if the driver’s are under twenty-five.

New Chargers are more expensive to insure than older models so a Charger that has a little age on it helps keep insurance cost down, but if the Charger is too old, finding parts may be an issue and that raises rates. Chargers that are only driven on the weekends get lower insurance rates, and when Chargers are equipped with anti-thief devices, and all the safety features insurance rates go down as well.

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Paying Charger insurance in one up-front payment helps lower the premium, and if the Charger is in poor condition and has depreciated to a point where it’s not worth more than the deductible insurance rates drop, and so does the beauty factor.