Chrysler Pacifica Insurance

The Chrysler Pacifica is a medium-sized “cross over vehicle” manufactured between 2004 and 2008. Popular with families, it was marketed as an upscale alternative to the mini-van

options of the day. Sales figures lagged expectations as the Pacifica struggled to find a following among buyers who were offered alternatives such as the Nissan Murano and Lexus RX330.

As with any vehicle, if you’re seriously shopping for one of these models it will help to know the various factors considered by your insurance company prior to making that significant purchase. Insurance companies take into account not just your individual driving record, but the overall risk associated with the model of car you drive. Factors such as the model’s likelihood of being involved in an accident, the repair costs associated with those accidents, likelihood of theft, age, and special features such as All Wheel Drive, diesel engines, or hybrid drive systems all factor into an insurance company’s decision when offering you a rate.

Chrysler Pacifica Insurance Information

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Chrysler Pacifica Safety Concerns

Chrysler Pacificas enjoy a better than average safety reputation. In fact, the model won kudos from the National Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (NIIHS) for having above average frontal impact protection. Published by the Highway Loss Data Institute within the NIIHS website, you can also research data showing the average insurance loss for any given model. The Pacifica scored average or better than average (better is good for your rates) when compared to other models under 6 different insurance coverages (collision, property damage/liability, comprehensive, personal injury protection, medical payments, and bodily injury liability). The Pacifica also garnered 5-star ratings throughout its 5-year production run from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for passenger impact protection.

The class of vehicle directly affects the way insurance companies rate the risk of any given model of car. Typically, vehicles like the Pacifica fair well in insurance risk assessments because they are normally operated by practical, safety-minded families and older drivers who tend to be involved in fewer accidents. Faster sports cars are usually owned people who enjoy a spirited romp on our nation’s byways and the insurance rates for these cars are appropriately higher.

Chrysler Pacifica Insurance Information

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Chrysler Pacific Not a Theft Target

The Pacifica is conspicuously absent from high-theft vehicle lists published during its production run or since. The low theft appeal of moderately appointed, family oriented vehicles such as this cross-over tend to lessen the likelihood of it being stolen and results in a lower insurance risk assessment. The Pacifica’s modest production run resulted in there being fewer on the road than more popular models (Honda Accord, Toyota Camry). This relative lack of demand for stolen parts results in less car thieves targeting Pacifica owners.

All things considered, the Pacifica is less expensive to insure than other flashier models. As always, getting several quotes with identical coverage from different insurance companies is the best way to assess the cost of insuring any vehicle you are considering for purchase.