Chevy Malibu - Past to Future - With Great Insurance Rates In Between

The Chevy Malibu’s style and safety features have been unsurpassed by its competition from the very beginning. When you add affordable insurance rates your only choice for an automobile should be the Chevy Malibu. It’s had a long history and is headed towards a bright future.

Its History

The Chevy Malibu began in 1963 as a Chevy Chevelle. At the time, the Malibu name was only used for the top of the line trim level of the Chevelle. The Malibu name took the place of the Chevelle name in 1978. Chevrolet introduced the Malibu M80 in 1980. It had the body style of a muscle car, and was specifically targeted towards NASCAR fans. As one might guess, insurance premiums for this version of the Malibu were probably much higher than other versions of the Malibu at that time.

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Through to the Present with Less Expensive Car Insurance

Production of the Malibu ended in 1983 and began again in 1997 when, in the same year, it won Car of the Year. Since then, Chevrolet has excelled in making the Malibu one of its most sought after vehicles. It’s won over forty awards and has added many features that add to its style and safety on the road. Thanks to the safety features that come standard on a Chevy Malibu, a consumer can rest assured that they will get the lowest insurance premiums in comparison to those of its competitors like the Ford Focus, Honda Accord, and Toyota Camry. For instance, the Malibu LS, four door sedan, and the Malibu LTZ both have an average insurance premium of $1500. The Chevy Malibu 1LT, four door sedan, has an average insurance premium of $1400 per year.
The safety features that help these insurance premiums stay competitive are: an OnStar service for the first six months with Automatic Crash Response, a Stabilitrak Electronic Stability Control System, Six air bags, a progressive crush front body structure, four wheel anti-lock brakes, and an anti-theft system. These features come standard on all models of the Malibu.

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The Future

Chevrolet is expected to keep all the safety features it has now for the new 2012 Malibu. New features that may be considered and may help with insurance premiums are front/rear obstacle detection, a lane-departure warning, and possibly a perimeter-view camera system. Depending on which version of the Malibu that is purchased, these features may come standard.

Only time will tell if the Chevy Malibu will continue to stick with its previous track record. However, we do know that its safety features should only get better because of the dedication that Chevy has to the new 2012 model, and because of that we can only hope that those insurance premiums will get better, as well.