Car Accidents and Auto Insurance Claims

Handling an Auto Insurance Claim with an Online Car Insurance Company

Many times an auto insurance claim can be submitted with an online car insurance company, but some are more difficult and cannot be completed online. When reporting a claim, you need to have the date and location of the accident, insurance card, phone number and insurance information of the other driver, description of what occurred and the police depart and report number used.

Reviewing Your Auto Insurance Claim with an Adjuster

The goal of an auto claim adjuster is to reconcile the claim. The adjuster works to decide if the claim should be paid or not. This typically includes evaluation of the insurance contract, facts and the value lost. Once inventory is taken, the case is presented to the insurance company. Often times, an adjuster will ask for particular reports, including, appraisals of property, auto estimates and police reports. They will also talk with all people involved including the claimant and policy holder. It is important for you to review your claim with the adjuster to make sure all information is correct before payment is decided.

What is a medical authorization form?

A medical authorization form is the form that asks permission to obtain bills and medical records straight from your healthcare providers after an auto accident. Whether the claim is a Bodily Injury claim or Medical Payments claim, you most likely will be asked to sign this form.

Should I call a lawyer if I've been in a car accident?

Calling a lawyer after an accident will depend on many different factors. Most small claims can be handled without legal advice, but there are some cases where a lawyer is needed to protect against future injuries and claims. If you have been injured by some else’s wrongdoing or negligence, or if someone you love has died due to criminal or reckless behavior, you should seek a lawyer.

If I am in an accident with a person who has out-of-state auto insurance, do I need to contact their insurance company too?

If you are in an accident where the other person is from another state, you may be able to file in the state you currently reside. The driver who is responsible is the one who needs to report it to his insurance company. However, it is recommended that you also contact your insurer. Sometimes motorists are reluctant to report an accident to their insurance company. This is when you should inform the other person’s insurer of the accident and disclose all injuries and damages.

Will I have to pay my full deductible when making a claim?

When first purchasing an insurance policy, a deductible is chosen for physical damages that may occur. This is the total you are responsible for if you ever file a claim. The higher your deductible is, the lower the amount will be of the damage coverage. Depending on the type of claim, that amount will be deducted from the claim and you will have to pay it. Deductibles are not due at the time of every claim made; this depends on if coverage used is associated with the deductible.