Average Insurance Premiums for a Ford Edge

Rolling onto showroom floors in time for the 2006 model year, the Ford Edge presented another chance for people to enjoy owning a mid-size SUV crossover. The Edge has received several accolades over the years including Parents Magazine “Best Cars for Families” award in 2007. While the Edge doesn’t offer third row seating, it does offer a great deal of cargo space and impressive handling. If you are in the market for a new crossover, here’s what you can expect with the Edge and your insurance premiums.

The Bottom Line: Insurance Costs for a Ford Edge

Insurance costs for the Edge run lower than for other sedans and cars. Rather than paying well over $100 a month for insurance, drivers can expect to pay less than $90 a month for coverage. Of course, there are factors that will impact the premiums for individuals. The state you live in can make a difference as some have higher insurance costs than others. Your personal driving record will make a big difference, as well as how much the car will be driven annually. Some states, like New York, allow the insurance companies to take your credit rating into account, as well.

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Ford Edge's Cutting-Edge Technology

Cars are increasingly computerized, and the Edge is no exception. On the one hand, the additional computer components can drive up the cost of repairs and insurance. On the other hand, many of the technological features in the Edge help lower the risk of accidents, helping to lower insurance premiums. Here’s a short list of electronics the Edge uses to help keep you, your family and your car safe.
• MyFord Touch – Keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road with controls that are built into the steering wheel and voice commands.
• SYNC – Forget a Bluetooth that can slip and fall out of place, and keep your hands where they belong by using your cars speakers to make calls that are truly hands-free.
• Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning – Select not only the speed you want to travel but also how far you want to be from the vehicle in front of you. Collision warnings will sense if the vehicle in front of you is slowing down and will flash a warning on the windshield. If you don’t respond quickly enough, the vehicle will still prepare for braking so the car will be ready when you are.
• Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) and Cross Traffic Alert – Rear view mirrors have entered the 21st century with this technology. Radar is used to actively watch for cars in your blind spot. A warning light will appear in the side view mirror when this a problem and the cross traffic alert will let you know if something is behind you when you are backing up.
• Rear View Camera – Your kids’ bikes and other toys will be safe once again thanks to the rear view camera. Watch for cars, toys, children and other hazards with the rear view camera.

Ford Edge Gets 5 Stars for Safety

Insurance companies want to know their drivers are safe in case of an accident. The Edge delivers that with a safety system that ranks 5 stars in government crash tests. It features a plethora of safety features designed to keep passengers safe at all times. Full-length side curtain airbags keep passengers throughout the car safe. Front-seat die airbags and standard dashboard airbags are also included. Antilock disc brakes and stability control with rollover avoidance logic are also important features that help prevent accidents.

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Average Theft Rates, Sales Volume and Repair Costs for Ford Edge

The Edge has the added benefit of not being high on the wish list for car thieves. The lower risk for theft helps keep insurance rates low. The Edge has also sold more than 330,000 cars since it was launched in 2006. These high sales create a high supply for replacement parts, helping to keep repair costs down. When the car costs less to get back on the road after an accident, the cost of insuring it will also be less.


The Edge has an attractive sticker price that starts below $30,000. Loaded with special features and a high level of comfort, it also delivers in the areas of comfort and provides owners with an enjoyable ride. The gas mileage is a respectable 17/25, helping owners save money at the pump. Add in the low cost of insurance and the Ford Edge proves itself to be a family friendly car that is also budget conscious. For most drivers, a Ford Edge will cost about $90 per month for full coverage.